Free technology for teachers: burning vocabulary

Burning Vocabulary is a new Chrome extension designed to help users learn new words while surfing the web. Users of the Burning Vocabulary Chrome extension can highlight and save words on a page that are new to them. Definitions of saved words are also provided by Burning Vocabulary. When a word saved in a user’s Burning Vocabulary list appears on subsequent pages, the saved words are highlighted on the page. The idea is that users learn the meaning of their saved words by seeing them in different natural contexts.

Burning Vocabulary offers some extra functions in a paid version. The paid version includes the option to print word lists and an option for a word list overview calendar.

Applications for education
Burning vocabulary can be a good tool for students to identify words that are new to them and then learn how those words are used in context. Burning vocabulary would be a little better if it offered an option to export words to a flashcard or quiz service such as Quizlet.

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