Free technology for teachers: Take shape: draw your own icons

Tony Vincent gave a great presentation this afternoon as part of the Practical Ed Tech Creativity Conference. His presentation was all about creating your own icons. In his presentation, Tony explained why teachers might want to create their own icons, the benefits of creating their own icons, and how the process fits into classrooms. Of course, he also showed us how we can create our own icons using the tools available in Google Presentations. If you have missed his presentation, it is now available to view here.

Here’s how Tony described his presentation:

Icons are an extremely effective form of communication. They are simple images that are immediately recognizable and are universally understood. Icons are usually simple drawings and usually have one color, making them easy to design if you break them into shapes. Of course, there are millions of icons that you can download, but it has advantages to make them yourself. When you make your own drawing, you can fill it with any color. And you can customize your icon – you can adjust it to your needs. Moreover, it feels good to be creative with your visuals!

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