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Freedom and change: dialogue with the military in Sudan was transparent


After the informal meeting held yesterday between a Freedom and Change delegation (Central Council) and the military component in Sudan, the Freedom Forces held a press conference today, Friday, at the National Umma Party headquarters in Omdurman, stressing that it is not uncompromising in its positions, and stressing that the dialogue has been transparent. .

During the conference, the leader, Taha Othman, announced his refusal to return to the situation before 25 October 2021, believing that there is no return to collaboration between civilians and military personnel.

He also added, commenting on the absence of his current from the Sudanese dialogue initiated earlier this week under the aegis of the tripartite mechanism, that “the armed forces must return to their natural place in the military institution and establish full civilian authority. . “

Furthermore, he indicated that the military component has confirmed the existence of a political crisis and is ready to resolve it.

clear and transparent discussion

For his part, Al-Wathiq Al-Barbar, spokesman for the Forces of Freedom and general secretary of the Umma Party, defined yesterday’s discussion transparent and clear, indicating that the military component was informed of its objectives, in reference to the meeting of representatives of the Forces of Freedom and Change with the leaders of the armed forces last night at the Saudi embassy. .

“We have emphasized the unity of the revolutionary forces”, he said, underlining that they are not intransigent, but are looking for a credible and peaceful solution that leads to a real civil transition, feasible and fruitful for the country.

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In turn, the leader, Yasser Arman, felt that “there is a new opportunity for the regular forces to emerge wisely and honorably from the current situation.”

The need for Saudi Arabia and America

He also stressed the need for the country of Saudi Arabia and the United States to build a new future. “This is an opportunity for a safe exit for the people and the army to democracy, justice and the building of a new society,” she said.

Last night, Thursday, at the home of the Saudi ambassador in Khartoum, a meeting that included the military component, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Shams El-Din Kabbashi, Ibrahim Jaber, and Freedom and Change, Confident Al-Barir lasted five hours. and Taha Othman, as well as Wagdy Saleh and Yasser Arman.

This took place after the previous day’s talks under the auspices of the United Nations, the African Union and the IGAD mission, which were attended by military officials, representatives of political parties and leaders of former rebel movements, while some parties and civilian groups took part in them. they boycotted, led by Freedom and Change (Central Council).

It is interesting to note that Sudan has been experiencing a suffocating political crisis between the military and civilian components since last year, which has been exacerbated after the imposition of exceptional measures in the country, including the dissolution of the government and the application of the state of emergency. . This prompted the United Nations to seek convergence of views, launching a first round of political dialogue, which was carried out in precedence indirectly in batch, and through a direct dialogue started on the 8th of this month (June 2022) between political parties.

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