Freedom and change in Sudan: There is a tentative timeline for the formation of a new government

A spokesman for the Forces for Freedom and Change – Central Council, Jaafar Hassan, said there was a “tentative” timeline for the formation of the new government at the end of next January, Al-Sudani newspaper reported today .

Obligation to respect the timetables

He added that this will happen if the deadlines are respected and the final agreement is signed between the civilian and military forces in Sudan.

Sudanese Army Chief of Staff Mohamed Othman Al-Hussein has affirmed his support for any political deal that takes Sudan out of the crisis.

He explained that “the reform of the armed forces will eventually continue without a political bid and at the hands of its children and its trained and experienced leaders”, considering that the armed forces are subjected to “a perfectly organized campaign from outside the borders to reduce its well-known national role”.

Framework Agreement

These statements came after the military and civilian components in Sudan have signed a framework agreement, paving the way for a transitional period that extends for two years and removes the army from the political scene, in a clear sign of a turning point for the political crisis in the nation.

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The agreement signed by the Sovereign Council with parties and civilian forces provides for the organization of a broad electoral process at the end of the transitional period, emphasizing the building of a unified professional national army and distancing it from any partisan political presence.

The transitional constitution

The agreement is based on what has been called the “transitional constitution”, i.e. a draft new constitution for the country presented by the Sudanese Bar Association in an attempt to resolve the crisis. pace of Juba signed in October 2020.

The last period has seen a climate of optimism after having reached a solution after more than a year of political deadlock that has dominated the country.

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