Freedom and change: Sudan’s courtesy is threatened by some parties

The Technical Committee for die Reform of the Force of Declaration of Freedom and Change in Sudan announced that die Movement was misguided, leading to quarrels with street and resistance committees.

The committee added that it made repeated mistakes in “Freedom and Change” warned and pointed out that there was a group die went too far and identified with the military component.

Some parties have die Movement kidnapped

She stressed that die Civility of the state currently through die Abduction of the “forces of freedom and change” by some parties is threatened.

In addition, the committee made it clear that a founding conference to reform the political incubator will take place and that all revolutionary forces are invited to participate.

Had in the forces of freedom and change die Differences intensified in the face of fears of a great political vacuum in the face of great tensions on the Sudanese streets.

And a group within the Forces Declaration of Freedom and Change did last month in Absence of representatives of the Council. Resolutions to restructure the Central Council of the Alliance published, which led it to die Accusing parties behind this group is trying to disrupt the reform and transition process in the country.

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