Freedom and change: we will not negotiate a new partnership with the military component

The “Forces of Freedom and Change – the Central Council” in Sudan officially received an invitation from the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of the “UNITAMS” mission in Sudan, Volker Peretz, to hold consultations under the umbrella of the United Nations leading to a round table of dialogue between political forces in Sudan and consensus between all components to manage the. The remainder of the transition period ends with the formation of an elected government of all the Sudanese people.

The leader of the Forces of Freedom and Change – the Central Council, Wajdi Saleh, told to be committed in a series of meetings as soon as he officially received the invitation, and today, Saturday, he will release the final position on his acceptance or rejection of the UN initiative.

Saleh said that if the forces of freedom and change accept the initiative, “we will not negotiate a new partnership with the military component. Rather, the military must carry out its duties in maintaining security and staying out of the political process in the country. “He explained:” The partnership with the military component in the past period was dictated by certain circumstances, and it turned out that it aspired to power, so it turned against the process of democratic civil transformation. “

Greater coordination with resistance committees

For its part, the Resistance Committees, through their official spokespersons, have refused to enter into any new collaboration with the Forces of Freedom and Change due to their “failure” in their past experience. In this regard, Saleh said: “We respect all opinions, in especially the resistance committees. The Forces of Freedom and Change have valued their experience and are self-critical before anyone else, but they cannot stand failure alone, as there is a partner in the government who endures some of the failure “, referring to the military component.

Speaking in Al, Saleh indicated that the forces of freedom and change are in constant contact with the resistance committees, adding: “We have presented a vision to the resistance committees to form a supreme coordination to unify the positions of the resistance, and is now studying the initiative within its components and awaiting their response soon. “. He continued: “We are excited about the unity of the resistance committees and the importance of their presence as a unified bloc in the next phase.” .

In a related context, Saleh said the Forces for Freedom and Change are forming a broad political front “that includes all political parties rejecting the October 25 measures,” adding that coordination required a meeting with the Party. Sudanese Communist, but refused. He indicated that, despite this, the Forces of Freedom and Change will continue their contacts with the party and are enthusiastic about its presence in the broad front that will be formed. He also claimed that it is in contact with the “Association of Professionals” and which seeks with it to include the splinter group and the return of the “Meeting of Professionals” as a single organism.

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