French League: timid joy for the Parisians from title and concern for Mbappe’s ambiguity and Pochettino’s replacement

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Perhaps it is rare for your favorite team to be crowned champion, with heartburn and a lump in the throat! This is what happened to the Paris Saint-Germain fans in their team’s match against Lens last Saturday in the 34th round, which ended in a 1-1 draw, which saw an unusual event in the stands, such as the “Ultras”. group left the stadium a quarter of an hour before the end of the match in which his team was crowned champion The French league before the end of the four rounds! The 10th title of the Parisian team was accompanied by a certain bitterness that usually disappears with the euphoria of the coronation. There is no secret. The “Remontada Madrid” scene is still a nightmare that haunts the fans of the club, as they believe more than ever that their team, armed with a battalion of stars, will put an end to the dispute over the continental title Thousands descend on the Champs Elysees to celebrate, like the elders of the old continent. These fans have been filled with local titles ever since the ownership of the club was transferred to the Qatar Sports Investment Authority on June 30, 2011. In ten years, 28 leagues have been established in the gold treasury of the clubwhere the team has won 8 league titles, six times in Cup, the same as the League Cup and won the European Cup (Super Cup) in eight occasions. This marvelous result is considered the best in the history of French football and constituted a qualitative leap for Saint Germain, which elevated them to the ranks of adults. Despite this, the fans, who had never dreamed of such goals, have not recovered, but now they are no longer satisfied with anything other than the Champions League title promised by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of the club when he took office in 2011, stating that the administration’s first goal is to win the continental title over the next five years! But after a full decade, “Big Ears” did not go to the capital of light, knowing that the team played 95 Champions League games, won 54, drew 18 times and suffered 23 defeats, scored 204 goals and he received 162, and reached the semifinal twice and the final once. In addition to suffering from the “European pain”, the fans of the Parisian team live in a state of “local anxiety”, the cause of which is not hidden from anyone, which is the mystery surrounding the fate of the Mbappé jewel, in how much he holds a fantastic place in their hearts and has not been covered by their anger after the bitter exit from Europe, and what has increased his value The stability of his performance from match to match, locally and in Europe (the only one who exhausted Real Madrid and on) in exchange of their annoyance for Neymar’s “slithers” and the gray market for Messi. The result of Mbappe in this season confirms that he is the undisputed best, in how much influential he has become in the return and results of the team, demonstrating rare personal strength for the player at his age (23), in when the hype around his move to the Royal Club was not affected at all by his performance, he is the first star of the team and the statistics confirm He scored 22 goals and 14 assists before the end of the championship in four rounds. All this makes the “silence” practiced by Mbappe on the renewal or not of the contract, a harsh punishment for the feelings of the fans, despite the certainty that the holders of the club are ready to write the highest numbers on the pages of player transfer history for Mbappe to stay, as they had already practiced in his transfer from Monaco in 2017 for 145 million euros, or when he signed Brazilian Neymar for 222 million euros. The second wait for the Parisian public seems less stressful, but it is not without importance because it is important to know who will guide the ship in the sea of ​​battles expected for next season. Will Mauricio Pochettino continue or will he and his spoiled crew leave? Decision makers calmly faced the European disappointment by not resorting to “immediate punishment” by putting an end to homework, but the amount of bitterness was great and left a deep pain, so the prevailing view is that it’s only a matter of time, and that Pochettino will not remain Parisian until his contract expires in June 2023, but he will not go away sad, for the remaining contract year he guarantees him at least 15 million euros (his monthly salary is 1.1 million euros), knowing that the club the management will release other “attractive” tools to the rest of the technical staff composed of the first assistant Jesus Perez, who receives 800 thousand euros per month (a number worthy of a first coach in any large club), 50 thousand for his colleague Miguel D. ‘Agostino, the same for the goalkeeper coach Tony Jimenez, and 20 thousand euros for the athletic trainer Sebastiano Pochettino, son of his father Mauricio. Talking about leaving undoubtedly leads to talking about an alternative, and the first candidate is no longer Zidane, who aspires to lead the roosters after the 2022 World Cup, but there are two Italian names: Antonio Conte, who seems to be the first priority for the club Parisian, despite his association with Tottenham. Conte doesn’t mind moving from London to Paris for via of his desire to work with a team that has continental competitiveness, asking for an annual salary of 30 million euros to accept the position, knowing that his current salary at Tottenham is 17 million euros! The second candidate is Massimiliano Allegri, current Juventus coach, linked to him until 2025. Allegri had already mentioned him in the choice of a new coach for Saint-Germain. And what he recently announced that he wants to complete the project with “Juve” despite the troubles of the season in course! It does not seem that the mystery will last long about the replacement of Pochettino, and perhaps the public, in largely refused to celebrate the new coronation with the team, will not have much patience to know the name of the next captain, and before that, his desire to know the future of his star favorite Mbappé. The owners of the clubwho see in the tenth championship a new opportunity or another serious attempt next season to bet on their biggest project, to win the Champions League, an objective that if achieved would undoubtedly be the most expensive and expensive in the history of the tournament compared to all club who have won championships, club continental, and it is enough to collect the volume of business done to attract stars and top coaches to the European roof to know how “expensive” this title is to the management of Paris Saint-Germain.