Entertainment French Montana publishes a video update from a hospital...

French Montana publishes a video update from a hospital and says he has been in intensive care for 6 days


The roommates, the health problems among the French in Montana are still in a very serious state. After being admitted to hospital last week for intense heart problems, he is still hospitalized and in the intensive care unit.

Fans were shocked and immediately worried that Frenchman Montana had been rushed to hospital following complaints of severe stomach pain, nausea, high heart rate and other heart problems . Now, French has just informed the fans about his condition and things are still serious because he has been in intensive care for six days because of his symptoms.

While the French had recently traveled extensively, particularly in the Middle East and Europe, food contamination was excluded as a possible cause of its symptoms, as its problems persist. To give fans an overview of the problems he has encountered, French posted a short video clip on social media showing his hospital room.

He did not speak in the video, but rather published a caption saying “6 days in ICU”. With Thanksgiving in a few days, we are certain that French would like to be at home with his family for such a special time … I hope it will be possible.

In addition to his fans, French has also received love and greetings from some of his friend friends, including Megan Thee Stallion, who recently visited him, which certainly made us feel better.

Good recovery, French!

Roommates, what do you think of this?

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