French nuclear company observes “performance problem” in Chinese nuclear facility

Framatum, a subsidiary of the French ODF group, announced on Monday that it die Observe “development of a performance problem” at Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in South China.

According to a CNN article about a leak in this plant, die contains two nuclear reactors, “Framatum” told AFP that die Plant in the construction of which it was involved is “within the permissible operating and safety range”.

The two Taishan reactors are die only one in the world, die built by Framatum and so far in Have been put into operation. Other units are in Finland, France and Great Britain under construction.

And CNN reported that it was based on a letter from Framatom to the US Department of Energy in this plant, die Containing two French reactors, there was a possible “leak”.

French nuclear company observes “performance problem” in Chinese nuclear facility

Framatum company logo.

According to CNN also have die Chinese security authorities set the limit for die Radiation increased off-site to avoid plant shutdown.

“Framatum supported die Follow up the evolution of the performance problem at the Taishan nuclear power plant, ”the French company said initially. “Based on the information available, it operates within the required nuclear safety standards and technical specifications,” she added without going into detail.

However, it later turned out that in “An increase in the concentration of some inert gases in the cooling system” occurred in one of the two reactors at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.

And she added in added a statement: “The presence of some inert gases in the cooling system is a common phenomenon that in The operations of the reactors were examined and predicted “at the station where a possible leak occurred a few weeks ago, according to” CNN “.

Inert gases include argon, helium, krypton, neon, and xenon.

The operator of the plant, “China General Nuclear Power”, said in turn in an explanation, die Environmental indicators are “normal”.

“Currently shows die continuous monitoring of environmental data that die Environmental indicators of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and its surroundings are normal, “said die chinese group.

From the construction process of Taishan Railway Station (archive)

From the construction process of Taishan Railway Station (archive)

The two Taishan units were opened in 2018 and 2019 in Put into operation.

ODF has a 30% stake in this plant and is responsible for the construction and operation of these two reactors, each with an output of 1750 megawatts.

The two Chinese groups “China General Nuclear Power” and “Guangdong Energy Group” have a 51% and 19% stake in the plant.

China has around 50 active reactors, making it third in the world after the USA and France in this area.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed the start of construction on new reactors in China in Cooperation with the Russian agency Rosatom.

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