French President Emmanuel Macron hit by ei thrown from the crowd in Lyon

The egg “bounced” off Macron’s shoulder and cracks on the floor Turn right in front of me,” Florence Lago, a journalist for French publication Lyon Mag, told CNN.

Lyon Mago shared a video of the incident at the SIRHA food and hospitality fair on his Twitter account. The clip made the egg bounce off Macron’s shoulder for the camera panned to officials die holding a man in public.

The motivation behind the incident remains not clear. Lago said she has a… young Man throw the egg, but she heard nothing from him. She said security officers immediately escorted the man out of the property.

A spokesman for the Elysée Palace, who used to be with Macron told CNN at the time that the incident was exaggerated.

“The president was walking around for two hours, he was warmly welcomed and all was quiet. nothing falls over because it didn’t interfere with his walking around,” the spokesperson said, adding: “I was… next to the president, I can tell you that there is no story.”

French President Emmanuel Macron beaten by member of public

Macron was previously the target with an egg in 2017, when he was a presidential candidate. The egg is cracked on to be head in that incident.

In June this year, he was beaten in the face by a man in a crowd as he spoke to the public while visiting southeastern France. Macron’s security detail quickly intervened and grabbed the man as he pulled the president away from the crush barriers.

With the French presidential elections less than one year away, Macron is on a lucky charm offensive with voters. In June, his party underperformed in regional elections, die in closely watching the run-up to the presidential elections in being watched vote next April. But given the low turnout, political experts said: it was hard to draw conclusions.

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