French Senate Foreign Affairs Committee: We must take a tough stance on Iran’s behavior

The member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French Senate, Gilbert Roget, stressed today, Tuesday, the need to adopt a tough position towards the behavior of Iran.

“There is no flexibility in our position”

Rouget added, in an interview with Al-Arabiya, that the committee has a list it is working on for the detainees in Iran, underlining that “there is no flexibility in Paris’ position towards the Iranian regime”.

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He also added that dialogue with the Iranian regime is not possible, noting that Tehran supports Moscow with marches killing civilians in Ukraine.

A European step forward

Yesterday France, Germany, Great Britain and Norway announced the recall of Iranian diplomatic representatives, in sign of protest against the continued repression of demonstrations and public executions that were carried out against demonstrators.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has announced that it has summoned the Iranian ambassador accredited in Oslo to denounce the execution of demonstrators protesting the killing of Mahsa Amini. “Norway strongly condemns Iran’s execution of protesters Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Anneken Hoetveldt in a tweet.

“We call on Iran to stop suppressing human rights. Norway calls on Iran to respond to the protests with serious reforms and immediately stop the executions,” he added. A ministry spokeswoman told AFP that the meeting with the Iranian ambassador would take place on Tuesday.

“It will not pass without consequences.”

And German Foreign Minister Analina Baerbock announced she had “again” summoned the Iranian ambassador to Berlin to protest the recent execution of two men in relation to the demonstrations, and warned during a press conference in Berlin that it intends to “make it clear that the brutal repression, repression, intimidation of the population and the recent executions are all that.” It will not pass without consequences.”

For his part, the British Foreign Secretary summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires to protest against the new death sentences, and other European countries, such as France, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, have announced similar measures.

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Belgian Foreign Minister Hajja Lahbib wrote on Twitter on Sunday: “Like other European countries, we will recall the Iranian ambassador,” saying she was “shocked” by the executions. He added: “New sanctions are allo studio by the European Union”, without providing further details.

“strongest possible signal”

In turn, Denmark announced the summoning of the Iranian ambassador to express his “anger”, as announced on Sunday by Danish Foreign Minister Lars Loki Rasmussen, who told the local news agency “Ritzau”, “We summon the Iranian ambassador at a meeting at the Farnesina to send the strongest possible signal that the violations committed against his people make us angry”.

“The situation is very serious in Iran. It arouses different feelings, including great respect for some people who are showing great heroism in opposing a brutal regime,” continued Lokke Rasmussen.

A fourth package of sanctions

For his part, Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra wrote on Twitter: “I will summon the Iranian ambassador to underline our serious concern, and I call on the member states of the European Union to do the same.” He added that “a fourth package of sanctions against Iran is in preparation before the European Union Foreign Affairs Council” scheduled for January 23, underlining “the need for a stronger response from the European Union”.

According to a census drawn up by Agence France-Presse on the basis of official releases, the sentences announced yesterday bring the number of death row inmates to 17 in relation to the protests rocking the country.

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