From BBC to ITV: Ranvir Singh opens up about leaving her secure job and the difficult road to success

Ranvir Singh admits leaving “secure” BBC job for ITV

GMB presenter Ranvir Singh recently opened up about her career and how she ended up leaving her “secure” job at the BBC and moving to ITV.

Despite having a job with a pension and everything, Ranvir was headhunted for a national gig at the rival channel and decided to take the opportunity.

However, things didn’t go as planned and she was left devastated when she found out she had been axed from her new programme just 15 months into the job.

Found out her new programme wasn’t in ITV’s plans

Ranvir quickly realised that the programme was undergoing a whole rebrand and she was not a part of their plans.

She received messages from old BBC colleagues and friends sympathising with her situation, leaving her feeling completely shocked and stunned.

John Stapleton’s advice

After breaking down in tears in a park with her toddler, Ranvir received a helpful call from a long-term GMTV presenter, John Stapleton.

He advised her to not complain and to keep turning up to work and doing her job.

New opportunities at ITV

Ranvir sent off an email to the former Editor of ITV News, Geoff Hill, who offered her a Saturday presenting gig and a week later she also got to present a show on Sundays.

Less than two months later, she was asked to present the News at Ten on Fridays.

Since then, Ranvir has been a presenter on Good Morning Britain and is also a regular presenter on ITV News.

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