From Burns to Jagr: The top ten haircuts in NHL history

It’s been over 2 weeks without hockey and spirits is low. The coronavirus pandemic keeps worsening and we’re yet to see even a twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel. At this rate, who understands how long it’ll be prior to the NHL returns.

However we should remain strong in these darktimes We should not let our heads drop. We should be the favorable force we desire to see in the world.

If absolutely nothing else, the time out in the present season has actually provided us a terrific chance to have a look back at a few of the very best minutes throughout the NHL’s storied and longhistory While we’re favorable none of these haircuts fall under that label, they’re still marvelous rays of hope that we can all take motivation from.

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With no more ado, here are the most amazing cuts in NHL history:

Mike Commodore

Getting us underway is the spectacular red afro of journeyman defenseman Mike Commodore, which probably reached its peak in 2006 when he won the Stanley Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes.

This is just merely not a hairdo you see every day. Hardly ever do you discover an individual with hair of such a crimson color that can grow it in an afro. He didn’t simply pull it off, he made it look (fairly) excellent.

Michal Handzus

Handzus invested the majority of his profession looking like a reasonably regular individual, however about 5 percent of it was invested with the kind of mullet that can just be referred to as unimaginable. It was throughout his time with the Blackhawks that the Slovakian forward truly let go.

Jaromir Jagr

Simply 3 entries into this list and we have actually currently seen the excellent, the bad and the awful. Jagr’s rise to popularity in the NHL came throughout a duration in the early 90 s where you might relatively get away with anything on the hairstyle front, and yet this is still genuinely unforgivable.

There are just no reasons for that. Remarkably, Jagr’s mullet went through something of a transformation throughout his 24 years in theNHL Here it is once again numerous years later on.

That’s a little much better, I think? Hard to get much even worse.

Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell inhabited the weird world in between John C. Reilly and Jaromir Jagr. It appeared like whenever he changed teams he ‘d alternate in between being clean-cut and looking like a shipwreck survivor.

He in fact cut the majority of his hair off in 2010 and contributed it to the Locks of Love charity. You remain stylish, Scotty.

Barry Melrose

The ESPN hockey analyst has actually rocked an ultimate mullet considering that his coaching days. Business in the front, party in the back, and lots of item to keep things slick.

He’s likewise done an E: 60 unique on the terrific and wild haircuts of the Minnesota State Boys Hockey Competition.

Ron Duguay

Believe it or not, the image below is of a male who was an NHL gamer at the time.

In an age where old-time hockey ruled supreme, Ron Duguay broke the mold with a perm right out of Grease. And not one of the male characters, either.

Brent Burns

The San Jose Sharks defenceman has actually ended up being renowned for his wild look, including a gaptoothed smile, a bushy beard, and a man-bun to top all of it off.

At one point in his life, Burns must have like a regular human being?

Ah … alright then.

Patrick Kane

While not usually understood for his remarkable head of hair, Blackhawks star Patrick Kane turned heads with this remarkable appearance a couple of years back.

Business in the front, party in the back, racing stripes on the side?

Al Iafrate

And there it is, gentlemen and girls. We have actually formally bottomed out.

Iafrate chose the mullet appearance a couple of years after his proverbial window had actually closed, resulting in a hair island forming on top of his head. Did he not see? Did he just not care? In any case, you have to regard the person for wanting to rock such an extraordinary appearance.

Wayne Gretzky

The terrific one had more than his reasonable share of terrific hairdos through the years, the very best of which comes thanks to this bleach-blonde mullet.

You can simply think of the pure excitement Wayne Gretzky fan club members got when they opened that up.

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