From Gaza … a Palestinian businessman: Neither Sinwar nor Israel will pay my family any money

In 2014, during the war between Israel and Hamas, was die Ayman Moussa’s factory bombed and he later had to spend $ 400,000 to rebuild it. And last month, the war between the two sides destroyed his new factory, he told the Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, the Palestinian Ayman Musa lives in the Gaza Strip, is bankrupt overnight and angry at Israel at the same time, die Hamas and its leader Yahya Sinwar.

The newspaper quoted Ayman, a father of six, as saying, “I am a businessman. Neither Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar nor Israel will pay my family” after his factory in was turned into a burning iron block.

From Gaza … a Palestinian businessman: Neither Sinwar nor Israel will pay my family any money

Rubble and destruction in Gaza (AFP)

The “Hamas” movement and its leader see each other because of the repeated and destructive confrontations with Israel, die die Development in the Gaza Strip, in which more than two million Palestinians live, of whom die Half of them are living, disabled, facing political and economic consequences die Poverty line.

Egyptian officials have in Visited Gaza and Israel in recent days to formulate a plan for reconstruction and to discuss how a long-term ceasefire can be achieved.

However, according to the newspaper, Israeli officials say an agreement to rebuild Gaza will only see the light of day die Hamas surrenders Israeli prisoners and die Returns the corpses of two soldiers, die Killed by the movement in 2014.

Yahya Sami, 44, a Palestinian resident of Al-Wahda Street, where entire buildings were destroyed in Israeli raids, blames both sides for the conflict, but said Sinwar was responsible for switching to what he called ” confrontational style ”.

He added to the Wall Street Journal that “die situation in Gaza is getting worse every year and die People here have no hope “.

The newspaper says a Hamas spokesman turned down a request to interview Sinwar.

The newspaper quoted Israeli officials as saying that Sinwar helped form the military wing of the “Hamas” movement, and in 1988 he was arrested and found guilty of the murder of Israeli soldiers and, according to a US official, received four life sentences sentenced.

Sinwar was released in 2011 through a deal that exchanged 1,027 Palestinians for an Israeli, Gilad Shalit, the soldiers captured at the time.

On May 20, Israel and die Hamas on a ceasefire agreement on Friday, May 21, at dawn in Kraft came after an escalation in which, according to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, 258 Palestinians were killed, including 66 children and combatants.

According to the rescue and rescue service, twelve people were killed on the Israeli side, including a child and an Arab girl.

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