From Kiev to Lviv and Kharkiv. Russian missiles rain down on Ukraine

On Tuesday, after being rained down by Russian missiles, the sirens sounded in various regions of Ukraine. The Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that the Lviv and Kharkiv regions were the target of Russian missile attacks, as requests were made to residents to stay in shelters.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, announced that a missile attack has targeted two residential buildings in the Pechersk region.

He also explained in a brief comment on the Telegram messaging application that paramedics rushed to the scene, to rescue the injured.

In addition, he confirmed that several other missiles were dropped by Ukrainian forces in the capital’s airspace.


Ukrainian authorities today accused Russia of continuing its policy of destruction and killing.

While Moscow has confirmed that Kiev is prolonging the war by imposing impossible conditions in change of resumption of negotiations with the Russians.

Interestingly, these Russian missile attacks arrived today as fighting continues in the east between Russian and Ukrainian forces

It also came days after the retreat from Kherson in the south, in a painful blow to the Russian forces, especially since that city was the first major Ukrainian region to fall into the hands of the Russians.

However, despite the Ukrainian advance southwards, many observers do not see that further progress will be easy for Kiev, considering that the status quo or stagnation on the fronts could last for months.

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