From money laundering to drugs … the scandals that pursue the children of Abu Hamza al-Masry

Scandals pursue the children of Abu Hamza al-Masry, an uncompromising cleric.After the murder of his son Imran Lahares in 2019 and another drug trafficking, British authorities arrest his son Mustafa on charges of money laundering. figure estimated at 350,000 pounds.

Mustafa Kamel, 35, used a variety of identities false to open bank accounts, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.

It used bank accounts to launder the proceeds of theft and fraud in which victims lost a total of £ 342,000 between May 2018 and December 2019.

prison sentence

For its part, Southwark Crown Court sentenced Abu Hamza’s son to three years and nine months in prison for money laundering.

The court accused him of using false identity of HSBC account holders using information passed to them by a bank insider.

changes its name

The defendant was called in formerly Mustafa Hamza Kamel, before changing his name to distance himself from his father, who had previously been imprisoned in the UK on charges of inciting violence and later extradited to New York after an eight-year legal battle, and is currently serving a life sentence in the united states for terrorist crimes.

Mustafa Kamel’s arrest comes after one of Abu Hamza’s eight sons, Yasser Kamel, was jailed last April for four years after being convicted of drug trafficking.

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