from of food and on the run: How 4 of the 6 Palestinian fugitives were caught

To dawn in a national manhunt for six Palestinian Security Prisoners who escaped from a highly secured prison in Northern Israel, police arrested two of the fugitives in Nazareth Friday night.

Hours later, two more of the escaped convicts — including infamous terror commander Zakarai Zubeidi — were detained in the nearby town of Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam.

The fugitives had managed to avoid capture since breaking out of Gilboa Prison begin Monday and two of their fellow refugees stayed on the run.

In Nazareth, police caught convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists Yaquob Qadiri and Mahmoud al-Arida, the latter of die was allegedly the mastermind behind the jailbreak.

Prior to their arrests, the two asked for food from residents of Nazareth, but locals rejected their request and alerted the police, according to Hebrew media. According to some reports, residents saw al-Arida and Qadiri digging through garbage, apparently searching for food.

Neither of them resisted arrest and video showed that the police released the handcuffed detainees in patrol auto’s.

from of food and on the run: How 4 of the 6 Palestinian fugitives were caught

Police take Zakaria Zubeidi on patrol car after he was captured in Northern Israel after escaping from prison with other security prisoners, September 11, 2021. (Israeli Police)

The footage shows an officer taking off Al-Arida’s shoes, with the Walla news site die security sources cites die say a comparison of the soles to footprints found in near Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam produced an exact match.

Military trackers should use these footprints to help the following escape route of Zubeidi and Mohammed al-Arida, the younger of the reported mastermind brother. the trackers also Reportedly found discarded cigarettes and a can of drink that helped lead them to the two.

Police take Mohammed al-Arida to patrol car after he was captured in Northern Israel after escaping from prison with other security prisoners, September 11, 2021. (Israeli Police)

A security source told Haaretz daily that a resident of the area reported meeting the two on Friday night while riding an ATV and Zubeidi asked? for food.

Hours later, the trackers discovered footprints, which helped lead them to Zubeidi and al-Arida in a parking lot used by truck drivers. Al-Arida was found to sleep in An semitrailer while Zubeidi in the neighborhood was captured while wandering exhausted, according to Hebrew media.

A security official said Zubeidi briefly tried to escape during the arrest operation, but was soon overpowered. Photos of the scene showed Zubeidi with what looked like a big bruise on to be face, but it wasn’t clear if it was contracted during the arrest.

A local resident later told reporters that the two appeared scared and hungry when caught.

A man points on the spot where an escaped Palestinian security prisoner was recaptured in the northern Arab city of Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam on September 11, 2021. (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)

Public Security Minister Omer Barlev vowed that the remaining two fugitives would be caught and also thanked Arab Israelis”who assisted in the capture of the terrorists.”

“The fugitives wandered for four days in the belief that they would find shelter and… help among Arab Israelis, but the mistake was theirs,” Barlev tweeted.

for the escape, Zubeidi, a commander in Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade was imprisoned prison while on process for two dozen crimes, including attempted murder.

Mohammed al-Arida was arrested in 2002 on terror crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment in prison while his brother Mahmoud al-Arida, considered a senior member of Islamic Jihad, was imprisoned for life for terrorist activities, including attacks in die soldiers were killed.

qadiri was also serve life terms for acts of terrorism including the murder of an Israeli in 2004. Both he and Mahmoud al-Arida were reportedly involved in a 2014 attempt to break out of Gilboa.

The two prisoners still on the run are Iham Kamamji and Munadil Nafiyat, who like the other fugitives come from the area around the northern West Bank city of jenine.

Kamamji was serving a life sentence at the time of the escape for killing an 18-year-old Israeli in 2006, a murder allegedly he spoke proudly in.

Nafayat is not in charged with An crime and was held under Israel’s practice of administrative detention, die allows it to lock up suspects without charge in to serve for security purposes.

The six Palestinian Security Prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison on Monday, September 6, 2021. Clockwise from top left: Yaqoub Qadiri, Mohammad al-Arida, Mahmoud al-Arida, Iham Kamamji, Zakaria Zubeidi and Munadil Nafiyat (Screenshot: Media Office for Palestinian Prisoners)

For some Palestinians, the fugitives are widely regarded as ‘heroes’ who passed in free himself from multiple life sentences.

Violent protests broke out out on a number of locations in the West Bank after the announcement of the first arrests on Friday evening.

After the arrest of the first two fugitives, the Hamas terror group said them detention would not break their will.

Shortly afterwards, a rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza, die was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. There were no notifications of injuries of injury. The Israel Defense Forces said it was responding with air raids on a number of terror goals in the enclave.

lamic jihad also celebrated the escaped and warned Israel against any harm that befalls them while in detention.

The six escaped from Gilboa prison in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning, making their way out by the drainage of their cell system and an empty one space below the prison.

Police officers and prison guards inspect the place of An prison escape outside the Gilboa prison in Northern Israel, Monday, September 6, 2021. (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)

Israeli troops have everything in made an effort to find the prisoners of them very dangerous. In recent days, Israeli troops have made several arrests of the fugitives’ family members, including five who have been arrested in villages in near the northern West Bank city of Jenin in Dawn hours of Friday morning, according to Palestinian media.

The escape exposed to series of malfunctions at the prison and Barlev said on Thursday that he had decided to make a government committee to investigate the incident.

Among the apparent errors were: failure to learn lessons from previous escape attempts and various operational blunders, including unmanned watchtowers and sleeping guards.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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