From the heart of Beirut..a Hezbollah video showing heavy weapons!

A bloody day in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, after 6 people were killed and dozens injured as a result of the violence that took place after supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement (which is led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri) asked a demonstration in front of the Palace of Justice, in protest against the lack of hands of the judicial investigator in the explosion of the port of Beirut judge Tariq Bitar.

Not only did Hezbollah and Amal armed elements spread to the Beirut suburbs, especially after the firefight and casualties, but the video clips showed militia members fleeing with heavy weapons.

The videos showed gunmen in auto that appeared in their possession of heavy weapons, worried that things could degenerate further, despite the return of a cautious calm in thearea of Tayouneh, where the spark of this bloody day broke out.

Explosions and shells

Interestingly, Tayouneh, a symbol for the Lebanese who lived through the civil war, in as it embodies the line of contact that separates West and East Beirut with its painful memories, has witnessed at least two explosions today, in following the outbreak of violence and clashes near the protest site in the Adliya region. .

There was also a fire fight between the areas of Shiyah (inhabited by a Shiite majority) and Ain al-Rummaneh (with a Christian majority), between the sound of gunfire, a rapid deterioration of the situation and high tension.

Army intelligence was tasked with conducting field investigations and identifying gunmen who participated in the shooting.

sectarian slogans

The videos also showed the spread of gunmen affiliated with the Amal Movement and Hezbollah allies in neighboring areas, and areas near the scene of the clashes witnessed marches of crowds raising sectarian slogans, shouting “Shia Shia”.

While many Lebanese politicians have accused Hezbollah, which has accused its supporters in the last period, and “incited against Judge Bitar”, the party and its allied movement “Amal” have condemned the incident, inviting their supporters to exercise restraint, holding the Party of Lebanese Forces responsible for targeting protesters in front of the Palace of Justice!

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