From the star by Tik Tok and my rights .. to a “notable” politician occupying Canada

This man, who has become one star by Tik Tok, he could be the creator of the next Canadian prime minister. From politics to ai social media, Jagmeet Singh has recently become a star. He is a political leader despite his few chances to compete for the premiership, but he is very popular.

AND in tops the pages of men’s fashion magazines and has many fans on social media.

Singh, the leader of the New Democratic Progressive Party (NDP), has quickly emerged as Canada’s shrewdest and most charismatic politician as the country heads to the polls following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s early elections.

Its popularity has increased even after a strong one performance in the 2019 election debate, but his party was short on cash, as there was little he could do to capitalize on this success.

But two years later, with much more funding, Singh’s photos were posted on billboards, public transport and social media.

Special clips on Tik Tok

His photos have also appeared on T-shirts celebrating “Jagmeet UpriSingh”, as well as a huge following on TikTok, where his videos, ranging from political critiques to clips of him on the skateboard, regularly receive millions of views.

With his youth and charisma, the 42-year-old has been compared to Trudeau, a leader who has been criticized for focusing on appearances rather than substance and politics.

From the star by Tik Tok and my rights .. to a “notable” politician occupying Canada

Jagmeet Singh (AFP)

But in on a recent visit to Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, Singh drew a clear line between himself and the liberal leader, saying, “I’m not Justin Trudeau. I’m not like him. I’ve lived a different life.”

Trudeau doesn’t make funny clips.

For his part, the consultant of “Tik Tok” in Canada, Wave Wild, explained that the application depends on the personality, stressing that charisma is important in front of the camera. He said not many politicians use the app.

On the contrary, he noted Trudeau’s use of photographs rather than video, highlighting the different ways in which they interact with i social media.

Jagmeet Singh (AFP)

Jagmeet Singh (AFP)

“Trudeau doesn’t make fun, engaging videos. He just talks to the camera in a professional and serious tone of what it represents, “he added.

He also indicated that the culture of “Tik Tok” is different, in how much fun and carefree it is.

“Its popularity does not constitute a government”

Laurie Turnbull, a political science professor at Dalhousie University, said people often think of the NDP as a third party, rather than an alternative to government.

He pointed out that Singh’s ability to effectively increase his popularity has reached its limit because people don’t believe he will form a government since the electoral system is not his friend.

Jagmeet Singh (Reuters)

Jagmeet Singh (Reuters)

A shift in Trudeau’s political fortunes could lead to a scenario in which conservatives get more seats than liberals, but still need the support of another party to govern, according to the analysis.

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