From water to energy.. Zelinsky counts the damage of Kherson

With the continuation of Russian attacks on infrastructure in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has announced that Russian shelling has targeted infrastructure in the Dnipro province in the south of the country.

He also indicated, in a short briefing today, Tuesday, that the strikes also targeted water pumps in Mykolaiv, which runs through Kherson to the south.

258 times last week

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces shelled 30 areas in the Kherson region 258 times in the past week.

He also added during his recorded night speech that Russian forces damaged a pumping station that supplies water to the town of Mykolaiv, northwest of Kherson.

Russian forces withdrew this month (November 2022) from the western bank of the Dnipro River, but shelled towns and villages, including the city of Kherson, from new locations on the opposite bank.

It launched a series of intense strikes focused on energy plants on Wednesday as Ukrainian engineers rushed to repair the damage, especially in the capital, Kiev.

Interestingly, since last October (2022) Moscow has adopted a new strategy in its attacks focused on infrastructure, especially after the setbacks it has faced in eastern and southern Ukraine, including the withdrawal of its forces from Kherson, in addition to the attacks he received in Crimea, which he annexed to his territory in 2014.

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