Fury #1 Reveals Uatu the Watcher’s New Status Quo: No Longer Able to Interfere in Marvel Universe Events

Uatu the Watcher Ascends to New States in Fury #1

The following contains spoilers for Fury #1, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Uatu’s New Status Quo

Fury #1 reveals that Uatu the Watcher has ascended to a state so powerful that he is no longer allowed to interfere with events in the universe. At one point during the oversized one-shot, Uatu explains his inability to interfere with events occurring in the Marvel Universe following his recent cosmic upgrade. “Though in the past I have acted according to my own code…the cosmic state I’ve since attained makes an iron law of what was once a guideline,” Uatu tells Nick Fury on the moon. “For with my current power…if I started, where would I stop?”

What Triggered Uatu’s New Status Quo?

Uatu’s enormous new form, which dwarfs Fury and places the Watcher on a level analogous to Galactus, came about in last year’s Fantastic Four #45 at the end of the “Reckoning War” event. Uatu absorbed the visions of all of his fellow Watchers and the infinite supply of knowledge located within the Apex of Reality, the heart of the Marvel multiverse and the gateway to all “What If” worlds. As a result of this massive upgrade, Uatu became the sole Watcher of the cosmos and received new responsibilities which presumably bar him from acting in a non-neutral manner.

Uatu’s Past Involvement

Previously, Uatu occasionally interfered in the events of humanity despite taking an oath to avoid doing so. One of these instances is revealed in “Countdown to the Impossible,” a flashback story in Fury #1 that shows the Watcher coming to Nick Fury’s aid during a fight on the moon. “I watch the infinite multiverse — and I have sworn never to interfere in the affairs of humanity! But in this singular case, noninterference would be the ultimate interference!” ” Uatu declares in the flashback.

Retirement of Nick Fury

Aside from featuring a glimpse of Uatu’s new status quo, Fury #1 also notably retires the original Nick Fury, who previously served alongside the Watcher as The Man on the Wall, a defender of cosmic threats. Tired of primarily observing the affairs of the multiverse rather than acting in them, Fury has a heart-to-heart with his son, Nick Fury Jr., and reveals that he plans to travel the cosmos and assist parallel universes in a more active role.

The Creators of Fury #1

Fury #1 is written by Al Ewing and features artwork by Scot Eaton, Cam Smith, Tom Reilly, Adam Kubert and Ramon Rosanas. The issue is colored by Jordie Bellaire, lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna, features cover art by Kubert and Dean White and variant cover art by Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson and Mike del Mundo. Fury #1 is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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