Future and Lori Harvey are both traveling to Nigeria amid love rumors!

Amid rumors of love, rapper Future and Lori Harvey were spotted on vacation in Abu Dhabi not too long ago and now it looks like they’ve gone to another destination together. Not only that, but there is also speculation that the 22-year-old beauty got a pretty expensive Rolex watch from him this Christmas!

Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter has traveled a lot and has also documented her travels and shared them on social media!

That being said, she filled her feed with content from Lagos, Nigeria, which is also where her alleged boyfriend will perform tomorrow night. Coincidence?

Just a few hours before this post, she also suggested that she was preparing to fly to a place during a IG clip of her boyfriend Nikki Hightower.

“Where are we going @nikkisworld,” she simply wrote alongside a snapshot of her close friend tasting champagne.

The SacDelux co-owner also took advantage of his own platform to share a number of clips from their trip.

“It’s time to go,” wrote Nikki in the caption of a clip of Lori waving from the basket in front of her.

Later, in a few other posts, Nikki confirmed that their destination was Lagos since she shared two videos of the streets of the place by car.

Indeed, as previously mentioned, it has been confirmed that Future will perform in Lagos for the first time, the location of his show being Eko Hotel and Suites.

“For all my Nigerian followers, Future will perform in Lagos on December 29,” had previously shared the rapper on his IG Stories.


That said, when he arrived in the country, he also made sure to share a few messages from there.

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