Future celebrates his romance with Lori Harvey and his child’s birthday with a sumptuous party – Photos furious with his other baby mothers who chase him

Besides the excitement of his new relationship with Lori Harvey, rapper Future had another reason to rejoice since his son of Joie Chavis, Hendrix, recently had one.

The festivities surrounding the boy’s first birthday seem to have gone well, as Hendrix’s mother took him to Instagram to share some photos of the happy event.

Chavis expressed his enthusiasm for his one year old son by captioning his message with words of love and compliments for Hendrix and wished him “Happy Birthday” once again.

The popular music producer’s baby mom wrote, “My boy. You are so much more than I could ever ask for a son. I love you so much, Hendrix. Happy birthday, mom’s big baby. ???????? ”

Future joined: “My fatty fat made one today.”

A fan replied: “Omgggg, it’s already ???????? Happy birthday, beautiful ????????????.”

Another commentator said, “Soooo freaking handsome ???????????????????? I’m in love ????.”

This contributor said: “Sheesh, there is already one! It was so fast… ”

Apparently, Future and Joie co-parent Hendrix, and the two get along very well.

Surprisingly, the rapper and his former girlfriend made a trip to Turks & Caicos together for Joie’s birthday, even though they said dating was out of the table for them.

Meanwhile, it hasn’t been easy for the rapper lately, two women, Cindy Parker and Eliza Reign, insisted that he was the father of their children and sued him for support. food for children.

Cindy and Eliza took advantage of social media to share the results of the DNA tests they allegedly performed, which show that the probability of their children being linked is 99.9%.

However, Future, who fathered six children of 5 different women, claimed that Cindy and Eliza’s statements were not true.

Recently, Cindy wrote on her social media accounts that the rapper even suggested giving her money so she wouldn’t tell the world about their son, Legend.

So far, Future hasn’t commented on Cindy’s latest allegation.

It was revealed that Future and Lori had moved in together, and there were wild rumors that she could be pregnant.


Do you think Future is the father of other babies?

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