“Future Investment” funds “Interstellar Lab” for space technology and artificial intelligence

Today, Wednesday, the Future Investment Initiative Foundation announced its investment in Interstellar Lab, a space technology company that designs self-contained closed-loop rebirth systems to support life on Earth, the Moon and Mars.

It is an initiative foundation The Future of Investment is a global non-profit organization with an investment arm and focus Impact on Humanity The $ 500,000 equity investment is part of the company’s initial $ 3 million funding and builds on the foundation’s commitment to catalyze real solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, education, health and sustainability.

Through this investment, the Foundation will fund efforts to develop and exploit artificial intelligence simulation-based projects to address the planet’s most pressing environmental problems, paving the way for solutions in waste management, impact life. zero and in resource-conscious agriculture.

“Climate change is a real emergency for the planet and we have little opportunity to make a difference,” said Barbara Belvizzi, CEO of Interstellar Lab. Investors such as the Future Investment Initiative Foundation carry out our mission to support in a sustainable way of human lives on Earth, the Moon and Mars by producing and recycling food, water and air ”.

For his part, the CEO of the Future Investment Initiative Richard Attias explained that the growth of the space sector contributes to creating new research opportunities and advanced solutions in the field of sustainability, and Interstellar Lab is working to devise an innovative approach to support the continuity of the life in absence of the abundance that is taken for granted here on Earth. Inspired by the design challenge for human settlements on Mars, he affirmed the Foundation’s support for technologies that would help ease the load on the planet and prepare for the future.

This is FII’s third investment questyear, after the announcement of support for Lilium, a manufacturer of electric-powered aircraft that help reduce carbon emissions during regional travel, and Red Sea Farms, a pioneer in agricultural technology that enables the cultivation of crops. comprehensive plan based on three pillars – think, exchange and act – the Foundation enables the brightest minds to benefit from scientific innovations for positive change, supports the transformation of pioneering solutions in reality through investment and requires collaboration for a global service to humanity.

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