G7: We are committed to contributing to the reconstruction of Ukraine

After two days of meetings in Germany among the leaders of the seven countries, the countries of the group pledged today, Tuesday, to support the reconstruction of Ukraine through an international conference and a plan previously coordinated by the Ukrainian authorities with their international partners.

The group, along with five emerging countries, including India, also condemned what it described as “the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine”. And he said in a statement at the end of its summit that it was “determined to rebuild Ukraine through an international conference and a reconstruction plan,” according to the AFP.

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Furthermore, it said it will take immediate steps to secure energy supply and reduce sudden price increases caused by abnormal market conditions, including by exploring additional measures such as setting price caps.

He stressed his commitment to try to gradually eliminate his dependence on Russian energy, without compromising his climate and environmental goals.

He also vowed to continue to impose heavy and permanent costs on Moscow to help end the “Russian-Ukrainian war”. He explained that he will coordinate with each other on sanctions against Russia as long as necessary and will work to reduce Russian revenues, including gold.

Macron: Russia must not win

In turn, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed that the group has pledged to “increase the cost of the war for Russia”.

The French president stressed the need for Russian forces not to win the war against Kiev.

Interestingly, the meeting that began on Sunday between the leaders of the major countries focused on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as well as the global food crisis, as well as the energy prices, which were raging as a result of this conflict. in in addition to the Chinese file.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, the West has sided with Kiev, while thousands of sanctions have been imposed on Moscow, covering all commercial and economic sectors, including oil and gas, while recently there is talk of imposing sanctions on Russian gold as well, in order to reduce Russian revenues to the lowest level.

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