GA of Civil Aviation, Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and GA of Ports Sign MOU to Improve Logistics between Air and Sea Ports

Memorandum of Understanding Signed by Three Saudi Arabian Authorities for Logistic Connection between Air and Sea Ports


The General Authority of Civil Aviation, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and the General Authority of Ports have signed a memorandum of understanding to improve logistics connections between air and sea ports. The signing took place at the headquarters of the Authority for Civil Aviation in Riyadh.

The Purpose of the Memorandum

The main aim of the memorandum is to improve the transportation of goods via sea and air, support logistics operations and services, and consolidate Saudi Arabia’s central position in global logistics. It will also enhance the quality of logistics and customs services provided by these three sectors.

The Importance of the Memorandum

By collaborating to establish logistics links between air and sea ports, this memorandum will increase the level of logistics services provided to all beneficiaries through realistic experiments. These experiments will be dedicated to the transport of goods between land ports and maritime locations.

The memorandum also aims to stimulate logistics movement by improving the connection of air transport services and maritime transport through airports and ports throughout Saudi Arabia. By investing in the strategic location of the nation, the Kingdom will connect regional and global markets and integrate sea and air transportation, thereby strengthening its position and supporting the global economic movement.

The Importance of Cooperation

The memorandum includes the exchange of resources and information, the implementation of joint programs and initiatives, and the facilitation of access to logistics services. The cooperative spirit embodied in the memorandum aims to create a unified framework that achieves the common goals of the three sectors and raises the standard of logistics services in Saudi Arabia. These efforts align with one of the most important goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to establish Saudi Arabia as a global logistics platform and empower logistics across various fields.


The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and General Authority of Ports, underscores the commitment of Saudi Arabia to improve its logistics sector and strengthen its global economic position.

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