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Gabby Logan Reveals How Her Strong Relationship with Husband Kenny Helped Them Overcome Prostate Cancer

Gabby Logan Reveals Husband’s Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Gabby Logan has recalled the moment her husband Kenny was diagnosed with prostate cancer as she revealed she knew deep down she “wasn’t going to lose him”. The 50-year-old struggled to fight back tears when she discussed just how much of a “rock” he had been to her and how his cancer battle had made them stronger.

In an interview, the presenter was asked about her relationship with Kenny and finding out about his cancer.

Her spouse was diagnosed after she urged him to get checked out.

Speaking to Steven Bartlett on his The Diary Of A CEO podcast, she spilled: “He was really upset as you can imagine and I just thought, ‘Right no, this is going to be absolutely fine, what are we going to do? What are the answers here?’

“His neurologist was brilliant, he’s a brilliant communicator and told us what the options were and I was like, (to Kenny) ‘We’ve just to get a plan together, you need to know what you’re doing and then we will keep being positive about it’.

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“That’s what we did really, once we got over the initial shock, we just really kind of focused on it as a project we had to deal with and it’s a b****y awful operation.”

Gabby explained that Kenny had to have six stab wounds in his torso, which was “really invasive”.

“It’s horrible to see him in the pain he was afterwards, it’s a horrible thing to go through but he’s doing really really well now.”

The presenter was then swiftly in tears as she revealed just how much he meant to her.

Seconds later after composing herself, she said: “He’s just great, I’m very lucky.

“I knew I wasn’t going to lose him.

“He’s a great man and I couldn’t ever wish for anybody to have shared my life with, who is better.”

Gabby and Kenny tied the knot in 2001 two years after meeting.

They have two children together, twins Louis and Reuben, 17.

The BBC star said she was proud of how much of a role model he was to their children, particularly their son.

On their successful marriage, she went on to say they have had “rough patches” like other couples, but stressed that communication was key.

She continued: “Marriage, children and the commitments, they do test you.

“They do put you in a position where you feel uncomfortable and not kind of how I expected things to be.

“The one thing is communication,” she continued, adding that they “knew when to disagree”.

Kenny was declared cancer-free in August 2022 and has since returned to work.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, mostly affecting men aged 50 or over.

If you are worried, get checked out as soon as possible, as the earlier the caught the better.

The most commonly used tests for prostate cancer are; blood tests, a physical examination of your prostate (known as a digital rectal examination, or DRE), an MRI scan and a biopsy.


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