Galaxy S22 rumors: Samsung Samsung new lineup he could support 65W charging

Galaxy S22 rumors: Samsung Samsung new lineup    he could support 65W charging

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is not expected for some time, possibly doing his own debut in January 2022, but the gossip never stops spinning. The latest news on Samsung’s upcoming flagship lineup came from leaker FrontTron on Twitter. He said the Galaxy S22 could offer faster charging times compared to both the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Note 20 lineup with the help of 65W charging support. The Galaxy S22 isn’t the only Samsung phone we’re looking for out for. The company is also should reveal new folding to its August 11 Galaxy Unpacked event.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 It was released in January 2021 and impressed us with everything is solid-round performance and its best balance of price. The Galaxy S21 Ultra in the meantime it has blown us far with it’s incredible camera configuration and its ability to make a superb zoom in shots. But what about the follow up series? We are curious to see what the Galaxy S22 will bring.

So here’s what we think we can see from the Galaxy S22.

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Galaxy S22 release date: January 2022?

Samsung in genre launched its S-series telephones in March, but in countertrend with this trend in 2021 by launching the S21 line in January. The company typically follows a 12-month cycle of updating his phones so we do currently expect the S22 to be announced in January 2022, possibly on or around CES tech show in Las Vegas.

However, it is also possible that Samsung could want for give a little bit the S21 line more breath and could return to a March launch schedule. With the COVID-19 restrictions, hopefully they are a bit easier by then, Samsung could hope to do a in- launch in person event, which he often does at the same time in cities around the world.


The Galaxy S21.

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Price: How much will the Galaxy S22 cost cost?

Sales of the Galaxy S20 the line didn’t impress and it likely had a lot going on with the generally high prices, coupled with widespread financial uncertainty for lot of people due to the pandemic. The S21 offered phones at slightly more affordable prices by replacing the glass back panels for hardened plastic. Here are all the differences between Galaxy S21 and S20.

The S20 base arrived at launch in for $ 1,000 in the United States, while the S21 base cut that to $ 800. While we don’t expect Samsung to try to make the S22 line even cheaper, we think it’s a safe bet the company will try to match the price point of the S21, rather than increasing it back at S20 levels.

Galaxy S22. multiples models: Plus and Ultra

It’s a sure you also bet that Samsung will offer more variants of the S22 line to offer variable specifications in a variety of prices. It is likely that we will see an S22 base, together with an updated S22 Plus and an S22 Ultra model sitting right in tall of the range with the best specifications – and the highest price for match. (here how Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra variants in comparison.)

It’s a recipe Samsung followed for the last few generations and it is clearly a strategy deemed working. For those on more budget modest, it is possible that the company also make a tie more affordable Galaxy S22 FE, even if this wonnon launch with the range – we don’t even expect the S21 FE until after this year. The Galaxy S20 FE (which is for “Fan Edition”) launched in October of 2020, eight months after the flagship S20 lineup. The Phone Fan Edition made some clever features and specific sacrifices to reach a more budget-friendly price.


The Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

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Galaxy S22 may support 65W charging

Samsung may update the S22 lineup with 65W charging support, second leaker FrontTron. The informant posted for twitter that 65W charging support is in the test phase for Rainbow RGB, a first name in code it says for the S22 series. If speculation in later becomes reality, the S22 would offer significantly faster charging times compared to the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20 lineup, which both have 25W charging.

Galaxy S22 processor, Android version is display

Samsung tends to use both Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and its Exynos processors in his S series phones – depending on on region – and we expect it to do the same again in the S22 line. But it is safe to assume that it will be the next generation of both chips, possibly the Snapdragon 895 (which should be launched in December this year) and Exynos 2200.

Back in 2019 Samsung cooperated with AMD graphics chip company for better mobile graphics power, but we haven’t seen any Samsung phones so far equipped with dedicated AMD hardware. His possible that the S22 (o more probably, the S22 Ultra) could be the first AMD phone, which boasts superior graphics performance for gaming.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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His also a sure bet that the S22 line will run Android 12 – announced in June this year to the Google I / O event is currently in beta form – with Samsung’s user interface tweaks over the top including additions like Samsung Health, Samsung Pay and its Bixby virtual assistant software.

The size of the display it will almost certainly differ depending on on which model you opt for. With the S21 line, the S21 base was the smallest at 6.2 inches and the S21 Plus pushed things further to 6.7 inches, while the S21 Ultra bloated more and more. out 6.8 in. Some prime rumors suggest that Samsung will make the S22 and S22 Plus slightly smaller, at 6.05 and 6.5 inches respectively. The same rumors suggest that the S21 Ultra will remain pretty much the same size and, like the S21 Ultra, will be the only one one in the range which will offer variable refresh rates up at 120Hz.


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Galaxy S22 camera: 200 megapixel resolution?

Rumors suggest it is the S22 Ultra hero who will see the most thrilling camera updates this time round. That is good feel, like the S21 Ultra’s camera it’s superb, but it wasn’t a big update over its predecessor.

Some of the current rumors suggest it will be the first Samsung phone with a whopping 200 megapixel resolution, based on a teaser tweet from Samsung’s Exynos account showing a 200-megapixel phone camera. It would be a big update since already full of pixels 108 megapixel S21 Ultra and theoretically allow for sharper enlarged-in images.

About of zoom though, the S22 Ultra is also it is said to get continuous optical zoom rather than just having set 3x or 10x optical zoom lenses for switch between. Currently, if you zoom in, let’s say, 7x zoom on the S21 Ultra that will be use a combination of optical zoom e digital clipping, resulting in images that appear to be of lower quality than when you do use the 10x optical lens. A continuous zoom would be allow for optical zoom not cropped to full zoom range.

The S22 and S22 Plus base models they are not expected to become similar camera increases, ensuring that the S22 Ultra is staying in feet out and justifies the extra expense cash. Expect to see even more lenses and a 50 megapixel camera main sensor.


The Galaxy S21.

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The extra of the Galaxy S22 features

Additional features like wireless charging, NFC for contactless payments, 5G connectivity e in-display fingerprint scanners are pretty safe bets for all S22 models. His also Samsung will likely continue to offer basic storage options of 128 GB on all models, with updates up to 256GB or even 500GB available for those who want the extra space.

Don’t expect to expand storage like S21 series removed the option for add microSD cards. was a real disappointment, in particular on the S21 Ultra as its high resolution images and 8K videos take up A lot of space. Fingers crossed for a comeback, but don’t get your hopes up up.

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