Galaxy Z Flip: Even I’m surprised by how much I still love this phone


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Last year, if you informed me about all the important things that would occur in 2020, I ‘d shake my head with shock. This consists of the fact that I ‘d like the Galaxy Z Flip collapsiblephone (By the way, Samsung just recently announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, to be launched Aug. 7.) When it introduced in February I was hesitant since just a year previously, Galaxy Fold customer systems had a number of concerns. There was the Motorola Razr It introduced prior to the Flip and despite the fact that it was more expensive and had less remarkable specifications, I found its method to collapsible design more enticing

Fast forward to now however, and the Galaxy Z Flip has won me over I use it just like a regular phone, which appears ridiculous to state however one of my most significant knocks against collapsible phones up until now is how they do not rather hold up to real-worlduse I was protective about the phone; now I’m less careful and it’s still holding up.

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A Lot Of of all, the Galaxy Z Flip is enjoyable which’s something I do not state about lots of phones. Folding and unfolding it is as satisfying as it was the first time I did it. Closing the phone shut to end a call brings me a level of complete satisfaction that I do not obtain from an iPhone 11 Pro or Pixel 4. And opening it with a whip-like flip of my wrist makes me feel like a badass.

I know the Galaxy Z Flip isn’t the best phone or the mostpowerful It does not have the best video cameras or battery life. It is laughablyexpensive And yet I can’t stop using it. After 3 months, is the Galaxy Z Flip worth $1,380? Yes. The high price shows that it is a phone that can physically fold inhalf Should you pay $1,380 for this phone? No for those of you who want to flirt with the Wild West of mobile phone design, the Z Flip deals much to enjoy.

The Z Flip’s cursed however gorgeous screen

I love and hate this screen. The high narrow screen is lively and remarkable when it’s tidy. Videos look impressive. The 21.9:9 element ratio is also truly broad, so there are black bars on the sides of most videos. I saw widescreen movies like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, however, and they fit the screen exceptionally well. 

Once in a while, the plastic polymer covering got in the way of the screen’s beauty, particularly when there were finger prints on the screen which the covering appears to attract constantly. When I clean spots tidy with my t-shirt sleeve, they do not come off as simple as a phone without plastic polymer on it.

Then there’s the crease. Ah, the crease. Something I discovered after 3 months of using it is that I physically feel the crease continuously with my fingers. The Z Flip’s crease cuts throughout the middle of the screen and if I scroll through apps like Instagram or Twitter, my finger goes over it like a car rolling over a seam in a concrete driveway. this does not especially bug me and since it’s a horizontal crease rather of the vertical one on the Galaxy Fold, I really see it less. To me, the crease is like background music at arestaurant I discover it however ignore it after some time. Just like how I got utilized to notches on phones, I am now utilized to the crease.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip impresses from practically every angle

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The Z Flip’s Flex Mode

It brings me an unlimited amount of pleasure how small the phone is closed. Since it’s extremely pocketable (though the mileage inside women’s trousers pockets might differ), I never ever think twice to take it with me. The Z Flip opens up into a phone as high as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, albeit a skinner version of that.

I like needing to open the phone in order to use it since I’m more selective about what I’m doing. The only time this feels tiresome is messaging, I need to open the phone to check out a text and reply and after that I close it. I have to start the procedure over if I get another reply. I ‘d be so pleased if I might reply to messages from the outside show even just with my voice, 

With time, I stopped closing the phone shut as much and rather left it open at a 90- degree angle. This made it look like a mini laptop and it indicated I might keep a message thread open or mindlessly scroll Instagram or Twitter. Samsung calls this half- fold position Flex Mode, and it is exceptional for recording vertical video too. I truthfully didn’t anticipate to use the Z Flip this much as a video camera however in Flex Mode the phone becomes its own tripod, significance I had more options where I might set it to get the best shot than a regularphone


Angela Lang/CNET.

In the next version of the Z Flip (after the Z Flip 5G, that is), I hope Samsung welcomes the video capture elementmore There are reports that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will have a 3rd outsidecamera If that turns out to be true, there is a chance here to turn the Z Flip into the ultimate phone for recording video. Samsung would need to make the 3rd camera similar to the main one, however turn it 90 degrees (believe Motorola One Action). That way when the phone is in Flex Mode it can capture vertical video with the existing 2 video cameras and horizontal video with the 3rdcamera

Flex Mode also has a software part where apps adjust to the L-shaped position. Just a couple of apps take benefit of it, and even then it feels minimal. The Gallery app, for circumstances, puts photos on the top half and navigation controls on the bottom. When I go to modify an image, the photo moves from the top half of the screen to the. Why not keep it on top part of the screen and use the bottom half to make changes?

With Android 10, I can have 2 apps screen in a split screen, which I have actually done for Zoom conferences (on the top) and e-mail (on the bottom). It is a great way to use the gadget without holding it. again, performance is restricted.

One of the important things I enjoy most about placing the Z Flip at various angles is that I can fit the phone around my face when I’m talking on a call rather of having it be flat. It’s so early 2000 s and I enjoy it practically as much as ending calls by closing the phoneshut

The tiny teenie weenie outside screen

The small, pill-shaped screen on the phone’s outside is minimalist and exceptionally cool, however it’s also kind of ineffective. I enjoy seeing the time and battery status, and using it to skip tracks in Spotify. The screen turns off too rapidly to check out notices and I can’t discover a setting to change that. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Sarah Tew/CNET.

Taking selfies with it is an odd experience too. The screen ends up being a viewfinder and allows you to use the outside video cameras for higher- resolution images, however the preview on the screen is misinforming since it does not show the real framing of the picture.

The effectiveness of outside shows on collapsible phones differs. The one on the Galaxy Fold attempts to do too much and feels confined. On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen is terribly simple. The Motorola Razr strikes the sweet area in- in between the 2.

While I comprehend that phone makers need to strike a balance in between the size and energy of outside screens, the one on the Z Flip can still be improved. Samsung might go the Motorola path and make the screen a touch bigger, or allow notices to be shown longer. It also requires to have some ability to let users take basic actions with notices.

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Particles, sturdiness and dust

When the Z Flip introduced, there were issues about its versatile screen and long-term sturdiness. After 3 months of regular use, I do not see a single scratch or nick on the screen (though again, there are lots of spots). When the phone moved off my desk and onto the floor, the body has a small scuff from. While we’re on that topic, I have not dropped the phone however it has actually dropped by itself a number oftimes The outside covering is extremely slippery and there were lots of times when I ‘d leave it on a counter or table and come back to discover it on the ground since it moved off. 

When closed, there is an air space in between the 2 halves of the screen. The only disadvantage I have actually observed is that it lets dust and lint gather on the screen. Unlike with review systems of the Galaxy Fold, I have not had issues with dirt or dust getting under the screen or into the hinge system.

My most significant takeaway when it pertains to sturdiness is that I can use it just like a regular old smart device. I do not baby this phone, or stress that I may break it. Daily use over years and months will be the true test for its sturdiness.

Last year’s performance is great in use

In terms of performance, using the Z Flip is like using a Samsung Galaxy S10 E. Both aren’t at the top of the Samsung specification load; that title goes to the similarly priced Galaxy S20 Ultra. I never ever felt minimal by the phone’s performance. Animations look smooth and apps launch rapidly. I do question what the life-span of this phone will be in terms of software assistance.

The battery, which is middling, is possibly the most significant compromise when compared to a regularphone I hardly make it through a day and a late-afternoon charge is normal. It’s not terrible, however it requires a charge by supper time.


Angela Lang/CNET.

Galaxy S10 video cameras on the Galaxy Z Flip

In terms of video cameras, I won’ t go in- depth on this (just examine the original review for that information). Simply put, the video cameras are good, however notgreat It’s basically the S10 camera system, that includes an ultrawide-angle camera (with less resolution than the S10) and a main broad angle camera that does not have a dual- aperture. Picture and video image quality makes a strong B compared to the A+ of the Google Pixel 4 or iPhone 11 Pro.

In use, the camera constantly had chops for recording an image or video in any scenario. Heck, there’s even night mode on this pup. Examine out the video below made completely of video footage recorded on the Galaxy Z Flip.

At the end of the day, I believe there is a lot to appreciate about the Galaxy Z Flip, however for most people it is still far more of an experiment than a reputable everydaydriver That stated, if you want the cutting edge, warts and all, it’s absolutely worth examining it out in a store (when we can do that again) or waiting for it to go on sale.

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