Gamal Allam wins the presidency of the Egyptian Football Association

Cairo: The first list led by Gamal Allam won the elections for the board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association, which took place today, Wednesday, during the ordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Federation. The list obtained an absolute majority in the first vote, with a total of 109 votes out of the 116 votes that participated in the electoral process. The Judicial Election Supervision Commission announced today in a press conference that the second list led by Mohamed Ibrahim received only 6 votes, while one vote was excluded to invalidate it. The list of winners includes Jamal Allam as president, Khaled Al Darandali as vice president and members Muhammad Helmy Mashhour, Muhammad Abu Al-Wafa, Hazem Imam, Muhammad Barakat, Ihab Al-Koumi, Amer Hussein and Dina Al-Rifai. The General Assembly of the Egyptian Federation, chaired by Ahmed Mujahid, head of the committee in charge of managing the federation, met today in the presence of Kenny John Mary, representative of the International Game Federation (FIFA), and Councilor Mohamed Abdo Saleh, head of the disciplinary committee of the Federation. During the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting, the activity report, the balance sheets and the financial statements were approved, before the start of the electoral process. (Dpa)

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