Game Informer’s 10th Annual Glitchie Awards

Most of the best gaming moments of 2019 were the result of meticulous craftsmanship, storytelling, and design. However, some of this year’s unforgettable experiences had nothing to do with what the players wanted to see. It was the inexplicable events and glitches that occur when things don’t go as planned.

Our Glitchie Awards honor the most interesting and fun bugs that have affected the major versions of the year. So here you can easily find our summary of 10 breakdowns in 2019 – one lucky winner was awarded our coveted “Breakdown of the Year” award.

Warning: Game Informer is not responsible for the content of video links.

Purely Ornamental Goalie Glitch – NHL 20

If the net is protected by something that can only be a spell, why should you care about goalkeepers at all?

Invisible wall strikes again! ???? by r / EA_NHL

Fightin ‘Stormtrooper Glitch – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Nobody thinks of stormtroopers as formidable enemies, but at least we expect them to try.

(Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order) Ok, Jedi! Fight me! by r / GamePhysics

Helpful Goose Glitch – Untitled Goose Game

In this impressive video, French speedrunner Seij uses a glitch that allows the goose to cross objects by grabbing things in a certain way. If you’ve played Untitled Goose Game, it’s amazing to see how it goes from intro to credits in about three minutes.

(embed) (/ embed)

Unexpected malfunction – days have passed

A manageable encounter becomes an impossible death trap for no apparent reason.

via Gfycat

Totally Normal Backpack Glitch – death swim

So much strange stuff happens in Death Stranding that it can be difficult to separate fantasy from reality … but we’re pretty sure this shouldn’t happen.

(embed) (/ embed)

Wild Pitch Glitch – MLB The Show 20

This is a damn warm up swing.

Summarizes Porcellos ERA this season from r / MLBTheShow

Flying Swim Glitch – Sekiro: The shadows die twice

Well, this is one way to avoid being killed by Sekiro’s brutal enemies.

(embed) (/ embed)

Apocalyptic disaster disorder – WWE 2K20

It’s hard to pay attention to the wrestling match when it looks like every aspect of reality fails at the molecular level.

Extra Armor Glitch control

Carrying furniture is at the bottom of the list of cool things you can do with telekinesis.

(Control) cabinet vest from r / GamePhysics

Glitch of the year – the outer worlds

Many players found that Parvati (the best companion in the outside world) inexplicably died on board their ship. That stinks, but it’s not why this is our breakdown of the year. Instead, we give this mistake the award for the intriguing tweets from Obsidian QA chief Taylor Swope, who details the process of isolating the problem and finding a solution. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how and why mistakes occur – and the story has a happy ending after all!

So if someone starts climbing a ladder and the player starts a conversation before stopping, they cannot leave the ladder. (18/18)

– Taylor Swope (@_taylorswope) December 12, 2019

Do you have a favorite disorder from 2019? Share it in the comments below!

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