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GameStop plans to launch the NFT platform and create $ 100 million funds


According to Bloomberg News, video game company GameStop plans to launch its NFT platform for video game enthusiasts by the end of quest’year.

NFTs are contracts owned by asset that are registered in virtual platforms on behalf of the content creator or asset digital such as photos, videos, graphics, music, etc.

GameStop is in negotiations with cryptocurrency and blockchain companies on the quality of token or digital content that can be sold on its platform.

The firm is discussing with its partners the possibility of establishing a range of investment funds with a size of up to $ 100 million each, to invest. in content creators for NFT platforms e in video game company.

Interestingly, the company’s shares blew up in air the hedge funds that bet on the fall of the stock, putting the Senvest Fund, in on top of the gains, after the fund raised a fortune from its bet on increasing stocks to close the year with an 85% return.

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