Garth Brooks calls his ex-wife “phenomenal” after hearing his comments in a new documentary

Country legend Garth Brooks is the subject of a new two-part documentary about A & E entitled The Road I’m On. This film gives fans a completely transparent look at his life and career while talking to all members of his family, including his ex-journalist. wife, Sandy Mahl. But after hearing what she had to say, Brooks said that Mahl had surprised him before calling it “phenomenal”.

Brooks spoke at Us Weekly during a demonstration in New York to promote the documentary. He explained that the mother of his daughters – Taylor, 27, August 25, and Allie, 23 – had finally had the opportunity to tell his story.

Garth Brooks talks about Trisha Yearwood and Sandy Mahl, co-hosting for the first time,,

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“What really surprised me was Sandy, the mother of the girls. She was phenomenal, “said Brooks. “(I was) so gone on the road (during our wedding), there were things that I suppose she was (saying) that I had not heard before this biography. that you heard on the other side I just saw her and I think I hugged her harder than I ever saw now that I know things that I did not hear or that she did not has not said so far. “

The 57-year-old country music superstar was married to Mahl from 1986 to 2005, then in 2011 to his current wife Trisha Yearwood. However, Brooks admits that when he first met Yearwood, “13 months” only after marrying Mahl, he felt like he had just met his wife.

Brooks explained that after meeting Yearwood – who was a much larger country music star than Brooks at the time – it was strange to have the impression of meeting his wife when he was already married to Mahl that he married in a church in front of their families.

The singer of Friends In Low Places said that if he had married Yearwood then, his career would not have been what it was in the 90s, their marriage did not last. So he has to believe that things happen when they happen, and he feels very lucky now to be where he is.

Brooks said that even if he had regrets, he would not change anything for fear of changing where he is now.

When Brooks left the music industry after his huge success in the 90s, he left Nashville, divorced, returned to Oklahoma and ended up with “three strange women” he did not know . Brooks explained that his daughters were 8, 6 and 4 years old at the time and that he was about to take an “intensive course for women”.

However, when her best friend (Yearwood) arrived, she helped him. But since she had no children, it was like a blind blind man.

Garth Brooks says he does not want to divorce, but he is lucky that they have managed to fix the problem. And even if he loves music to die, there is “nothing like loving his babies”.


Garth Brooks: The road where I am is broadcast in two parts on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 December on A & E.

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