Gas contracts in the United States hit a 13-year high

U.S. natural gas futures rose nearly 1% on Tuesday to close at 13-year highs as volumes of gas flowing into U.S. liquefied gas export terminals rose to a seven-week high in based on expectations of an increase in demand next week.

The gas contracts for June delivery closed the trading session in rise of 5.2 cents, or 0.6%, to record a deal of $ 8,796 per million British thermal units, a day after it had risen by 8%. This is the highest closing level since August 2008.

And U.S. gas futures have risen about 135% since the start of the year, as global prices hold strong higher demand for U.S. liquefied gas exports since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb.24. .

Gas trades at around $ 27 per million thermal units in Europe and at $ 22 in Asia.

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