GASCO: Our operations continue without interruption in various regions of Saudi Arabia

The National Gas and Industrialization Company “GASCO” confirmed the continuation of its liquefied petroleum gas transportation and filling activities and the availability of its products in all regions of the Kingdom.

The company added in a statement that its transportation fleet continues to deliver liquefied petroleum gas to the company’s stations in the whole Kingdom without interruption.

The company has shown its full commitment to provide LPG transport and filling services to its customers in all regions of the Kingdom.

The natural gas distribution company had communicated the interruption of the gas supply to the company from 1 May 2022 for a period of approximately 8 days, based on a letter received from Aramco, which will carry out some repairs and maintenance for the gas line. link to the company.

According to the company’s statement on the site web Saudi Arabia Tadawul, the matter will result in an interruption in the supply of natural gas to the customers of the natural gas distribution company during this period.

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