Gates Attacks Musk: Spend in vaccines is more important than reaching Mars

The well-known American billionaire and founder of “Microsoft” Bill Gates has launched an attack on Elon Musk, who seeks to conquer space and colonize other planets and spends billions for this purpose.

Gates, 67, said during an interview with the British Network (BBC), seen by News Agency Net, that although Musk has had a positive impact on the world through the company Tesla, specialized in auto electricity, does not consider him a “philanthropist.” Like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos.

Gates is best known for his textbook philanthropy, founding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 with a stated mission to advance health care and reduce poverty in Worldwide.

In response to a question about whether going to Mars is a good use of money, Gates said, “From my point of view, no.” “It’s actually very expensive to go to Mars. You can buy measles vaccines and save lives for $1,000 for every life saved,” he added. “Space travel is not a cheap way to save lives,” he added.

Gates is considered one of the most important advocates of investment in vaccines, as he said in several previous occasions that epidemics and deadly diseases pose a great threat to the future of humanity.

And Gates warned in 2015 that a virus like “Covid 19” could be just around the corner to attack humanity, which is what actually happened years later.

On the other hand, billionaire Elon Musk argues that it is important for the future of civilization that human beings become “interplanetary”, and based on this approach, Musk founded the company “SpaceX” in 2002 with the aim of building a spacecraft and send manned flights to Mars.

However, Gates has paid tribute to Musk’s intelligence and ambition by hinting that he may one day join the league of philanthropy giants.

Gates said of Musk, “One day, I think he’ll join the ranks of do-gooders, using his ingenuity.” “Things like Tesla clearly have a positive impact even without being a form of philanthropy,” he continued.

SpaceX is already carrying passengers in orbit and has managed to cut the operating costs of rockets by designing them in so they can land again after liftoff, unlike conventional rockets, while Musk has pledged to reach Mars within the next decade.

Musk estimates that a one-way ticket to Mars will cost the first generation of colonists $100,000, which he says is “relatively affordable for most people.”

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