Gates seems double down on claim that Biden has been wrong on top foreigner policy issues for decades

Robert Gates, the former defense secretary under President Obama, seemed to repeat: in an interview that aired Sunday night that he believes was President Biden wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national safety issue over the past four decades.

gates, who spent about three decades in the CIA, was introspective during an interview with CBS’ “60 minutes,” and was asked by Anderson Cooper, the correspondent, over his 2014 memoir entitled: “Duty: Memoirs of An minister in war.”

Cooper be out part in the book in which Gates called Biden a man of integrity, but wrote that he believes he “has been” wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national safety issue over the past four decades.”

“I think he got a lot” wrong’ replied Gates, before pointing out Biden’s opposition to “any” one of Ronald Reagan’s military programs to contest the Soviet Union,” said the first Gulf War, and even pointed out their disagreements met regarding Afghanistan during the Obama administration.

He said he believes Biden made An mistake in Afghanistan in the way he took care of the withdrawal.

Biden has defended his government, saying in being that there was no easy one way out of the country after two decades.

“When I hear that we could have done that, should have continued met the so-called low-grade effort in Afghanistan, on the back burner risk to our service members, at a low cost. I don’t think enough people understand how we asked a lot of the 1 percent of this country who do that uniform on.”

gates, who is now 78, told “60 Minutes” he is alive in Washington stands to get as far away from DC as possible, but admitted it was hard to see the withdrawal and ensuing chaos in Kabul. He said President Trump failed to plan well and once Bide said there would be a “fixed deadline, that’s the point where I think they” should are started die to bring people out.”

“You have to be pretty naive not to assume it would go downhill if die withdrawal once was” complete,” he said.

This is not the first time for Gates to express sharp criticism for the handling of the US of the war in afghanistan. He wrote in are memoirs that in 2010 he was convinced that Obama “doesn’t believe” in its own strategy, and does not regard the war as his own. For him it’s all about getting out.”

He made the clear that he never doubted die from Obama support for the forces, just the mission. The Washington Post reported when it’s rare for An defense secretary to “publish such a hostile portrait” of a sitting president.”

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