"Gazprom": Gas center in Turkey can solve problems "Nord Stream"

Alexei Miller, CEO of Russian Gazprom, said that all stopped gas supplies via Nord Stream due to interruptions could be redirected through the Turkish Gas Center.

Answering a question about the creation of a center for the supply of Russian gas to Turkey, Miller said in a Sunday TV interview: “We are talking about all the volumes that we have lost due to acts of international terrorism in the Nord Stream. “pipelines, so supply volumes can be large.”

Miller pointed out that Gazprom has experience in preparing for the implementation of the South Stream project, which was canceled and replaced by the Turkish Stream project, and the capacity of South Stream was planned to be increased to $63 billion. cubic meters of gas.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum, said that Russia could pump to European countries the volumes of gas that Europe lost due to the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline. through Turkey by creating a “gas center”. According to him, this proposal has economic feasibility and a high level of security.

Source: RIA Novosti