Gazprom of Russia expects a net profit record for 2021

The Russian gas giant is expected to post profits record quest’year, a Russian Gazprom official said Monday, amid expectations that gas prices will continue to rise in its main market. in Europe until the end of the year.

Gazprom in previously reported a quarterly profit record of 581.8 billion rubles ($ 7.8 billion) for the third quarter, reflecting the increase in natural gas prices, and it said it expected higher profits in the last three months of the year.

The official said Gazprom expects gas prices in Europe next year will not be below 2021 levels.

He added that the average price of gas in Europe was $ 550 per thousand cubic meters in the fourth quarter.

The official indicated that the company will continue to fill the region’s storage warehouses until the end of the year because it now stands at 75.25 billion cubic meters, which is less than the media six-year period of 90.73 billion cubic meters.

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