Gazprom of Russia maintains plans for gas exports to Europe at 183 billion cubic meters

Russian energy giant Gazprom said Thursday that its plans for natural gas exports in Europe questyear remain unchanged at 183 billion cubic meters despite an increase in its investment program.

Gazprom added today that its board of directors increased the company’s investment for 2021 to 1,185 trillion rubles ($ 16.36 billion), 282.8 billion rubles. in more than the program approved in December 2020.

Gazprom had announced that it had more than tripled its profits in the second quarter of quest’year at 521.2 billion rubles ($ 7 billion), compared with the same period last year, in a context of recovery of the energy markets.

It also noted that its revenue in the three months from April to the end of June increased to 2.07 trillion rubles from 1.16 trillion in the same period of 2020.

Gazprom’s natural gas exports in the first seven months of questyear increased 23.2% yoy to 115.3 billion cubic meters.

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