Geagea: Hezbollah’s positions on the investigation into the port explosion raise doubts

The head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, called on the presidents of the republic and the government to stand firm in the face of what he called Hezbollah’s blackmail.

Samir Geagea stated in an interview with Al-Arabiya: “They are free to withdraw from the government, and this is a political position, but the important thing is that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister remain firm in the face of Hezbollah protests. blackmail in this case, and which do not stand in the way of justice for the sake of Hezbollah’s eyes, and which continue to do so. Government”.

Geagea added that Hezbollah’s positions vis-à-vis the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion cast doubts on the nature of the party’s relationship with the incident.

The head of the Lebanese Forces Party said: “Frankly, at the beginning of the investigation into the explosion of the port, my impression was that Hezbollah had nothing to do with this whole thing, but what is happening now, and what happened with the former judge Fadi Sawan, makes me doubt that there is anything in the case of the explosion of the port, so it is doing this escalation, but this does not mean that the judicial question deviates from its true course ”.

The tension rises in Lebanon for the investigation into the explosion of the port of Beirut, which is pushing the country in a new political crisis that will test the new Najib Mikati government.

New and notable developments in the Beirut port explosion file, sources from Hezbollah and others from the Amal movement said they had again expelled the investigative judge, Tariq Al-Bitar.

The deportation came after the judge was accused of politicizing the case and his intention to accuse Hezbollah of being behind the blast, according to Hezbollah and the Amal movement.

Other statements made by some in the context of the escape, in which Hezbollah accused Washington of interfering in the investigation.

The party and the movement mobilized and threatened to withdraw from the government, that is, to bring it down in case in which Judge Al-Bitar is not removed from the investigation into the explosion of the port that has bloodied the hearts of the Lebanese and with them millions around the world.

The escalation also came from Nabih Berri’s Parliament Secretariat, which he put in questioned the powers of the judiciary and said that bringing charges against presidents, ministers or deputies is outside the jurisdiction of the judiciary.

All these positions, entirely confined to the Amal movement and Hezbollah, are reminiscent of previous attempts to obstruct the investigation into the Hariri assassination, which ended with the indictment of elements affiliated or affiliated with Hezbollah.

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