Geagea: Lebanon is biased towards the Persian axis, and the reason is Hezbollah

Party of Lebanese Forces head Samir Geagea confirmed that the state did what he described as control Hizb allah On its hinges, it “became completely aligned with the Persian axis”.

Geagea described the crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf countries This is a “strategy”, since “the Lebanese state, due to Hezbollah’s control over its joints, has completely aligned itself with the Persian axis, which requires the intervention of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister to change the entire course, “according to the Al-Nahar newspaper on Tuesday.

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had announced the withdrawal of their ambassadors from the country, following the biased positions launched by the Lebanese government’s information minister on Yemen.

Kuwait and Qatar also condemned these positions, while the Saudi Foreign Ministry stressed that the main problem in Lebanon belongs to Hezbollah, which implements Iran’s agendas.

It is not a simple thing

And last week, the Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Hossam Zaki, felt that the issue of Lebanon and its relations with the Gulf states is not a simple matter, and it is far from a minister’s description of it. what’s happening in Yemen.

However, Zaki at the same time hinted, during his meeting with Prime Minister Najib Mikati on November 8, of the possibility of coming up with an approach to resolving the diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf, referring to a “hole in the wall that it can be traversed through, “according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Mikati said Lebanon is keen to restore its normal relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, reiterating the country’s “commitment to all Arab League decisions regarding the Yemeni crisis, resulting from the resolution. of the United Nations Security Council and the Gulf initiative, and the principle of dialogue between the parties concerned ”.

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