Gears 6: Is It Going Open World? Insights from XboxEra Co-founder Suggest So

Gears 6: Taking the Saga to New Heights

Gears 5 was already quite different from previous episodes of the saga gears of War, but it looks like Gears 6 is going even further!

Gears 6, an open world ? “What they started with Gears 5, I think they’re taking it even further.”

THE fans of the saga third person shooter cult have been waiting almost four years for the release of Gears 6and recently, Nick “Spheshal Nick” Baker, co-founder of XboxEra, made some startling revelations in Microsoft’s wildly popular console podcast. He suggests that the game is already well advanced son development and above all, he implies that he may well venture even further into the direction open world game.

I heard some things about Gears 6 a while back. Nothing very important. I just heard that, firstly, the development is a bit more advanced than some people think… I also heard that there is a strong possibility that it looks like a real open world game, almost in the open world. I know Gears 5 was already taking a step into this directionand I think Gears 6 will take that to another level yet again.


During the podcast, Baker has talked about the possibility of Gears 6 adopting a larger environmentexploiting in particular the switch to Unreal Engine 5 to create more detailed and open environments. This idea is not without precedent, car Halo Infinite had already switched to an open-world campaign model in 2021.

A bold choice for the series

Before these revelations, little information had leaked on Gears 6but persistent rumors suggested a major change for the series. The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War, would have put aside other projects to devote himself fully to this new opusplanned for 2024 or 2025. Gears 6 should therefore build on the success of son predecessor, Gears 5, which had already introduced more open levels, breaking with the linearity of the series. If the rumors are confirmed, this would mark a major development for a series already in transition. However, a full move to the open world would be a very (too?) bold step for the franchise.

The Coalition will have to choose its ending for Gears 5

One of main questions concern the resolution of the plot left hanging at the end of Gears 5, which will have a huge impact on the whole saga. Indeed, multiple endings were possible in Gears 5, it will therefore be necessary that The Coalition makes a choice, to define the “canon ending”. Players can’t wait to find out where the sixth installment of Gears of War will lead them, both story-wise and game-mode wise. Gears 6 multiplayer could be a way to conquer new fans and rekindle the interest of long-time players. It remains to know whether Shpeshal Nick’s revelations will come to fruitionbut one thing is certain: fans by Gears of War have reason to be intrigued by the future of the franchise.

Gears 6 is still in development, at The Coalition.

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