George Zimmerman Should File $ 100 Million Defamation Complaint Against Trayvon Martin’s Parents

Roommates, George Zimmerman does not try to abandon the tragedy he caused in 2013, and his lawyer, Larry Klayman, is right behind him.

According to a press release from his lawyer, George plans to sue Trayvon Martin’s family, as well as Florida attorneys involved in his 2013 murder trial. He apparently seeks $ 100 million.

The press release indicates that George believes that Trayvon’s key witness and friend, Rachel Jeantel, was an “impostor” and “false witness”. The lawsuit also alleges that the Martin family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, defamed George’s name.

The lawsuit alleges that Benjamin Crump provided the court with the audio of Trayvon’s girlfriend, Diamond Eugene, who allegedly had been on the phone with Trayvon at the time. However, two weeks later, George’s lawyer stated that Rachel Jeantel was introduced as a witness at the hearing and that the prosecution claimed she was Trayvon’s girlfriend.

George and his lawyer came to the conclusion that Rachel Jeantel was not Trayvon’s girlfriend, was not on the phone with Trayvon prior to her murder, and had lied several times to cause Zimmerman’s arrest. and try to send it back. life imprisonment.

“The search would also have revealed that Trayvon’s true friend and her lawful witness of the phone were actually Miami resident Brittany Diamond Eugene, who was replaced by Jeantel when Eugene refused to bring a false witness against Zimmerman,” says the press release.

As previously reported, George Zimmerman was tried in 2013 for the murder of Trayvon Martin. He was facing life imprisonment and his lawyer claims to have been wrongly sentenced.

“On the basis of the alleged false evidence, George is suing for damages in excess of $ 100 million.”

Since he was acquitted, George has been involved in all sorts of problems, including his dismissal for using a fake profile to get dates.

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