Georgia: Iranian attempt to assassinate Israeli businessman thwarted

The intelligence in Georgia announced on Tuesday that it thwarted an Iranian attempt to assassinate an Israeli businessman on its territory.

It also revealed the arrest of two people and the seizure of weapons during the assassination attempt.

Last September, Israeli Mossad leader David Barnea revealed that Mossad had foiled dozens of Iranian attempts to target Israelis in recent times, pointing out that the Israeli response would be painful and inside Iran if had touched the Israelis.

He also referred to blocking 3 Iranian cells in Turkey to kill Israelis and foil other attacks on businessmen and diplomats in Cyprus, in Colombia and in many other places.

Interestingly, Israel has accused Iranian agents of planning to target its citizens in Turkey last June, which Tehran denied.

At that moment, Turkish police arrested a cell made up of 5 Iranians, which had planned to kidnap and target Israelis in Istanbul.

Israel urged its citizens to pay attention after credible threats from Iranian agents planning to kill or kidnap Israelis, especially after the escalation of tension with Tehran, after questthe latter accused Tel Aviv of carrying out murders and sabotages on its soil.

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