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Georgia set to carry out man convicted of eliminating store clerk


Corrections authorities in Georgia are set to carry out a guy convicted of shooting a corner store clerk to death more than 30 years earlier


KATE BRUMBACK Associated Press

January 16, 2020, 6: 06 AM

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Corrections authorities in Georgia are preparing to perform a man convicted of fatally shooting a corner store clerk more than 30 years earlier.

Jimmy Fletcher Meders, 58, is arranged to receive a lethal injection Thursday night at the state jail in Jackson. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to die for the October 1987 killing of Don Anderson in coastal Glynn County.

Meders’ attorneys tried to get a court to order DNA testing on the gun used in the killing, stating that it could prove he wasn’t the shooter and ought to have a brand-new trial and sentencing. A judge last week declined that argument, stating there was “overwhelming evidence” in support of Meders’ conviction.

His attorneys also filed a petition challenging the constitutionality of his sentence. They argued that sworn statements from every living trial juror able to bear in mind the trial program they would have enforced a sentence of life without the possibility of parole if that had been an option at the time. They likewise argued that statewide sentencing information shows that juries no longer enforce death sentences in cases like his. A county judge on Monday dismissed that petition.

Meders’ attorneys have actually asked the Georgia Supreme Court to allow them to appeal both judgments.

The parole board is the only authority in Georgia that can commute a death sentence.

In the clemency application, Meders’ attorneys once again argued the jury would have chosen life without parole if possible which a criminal activity like his most likely would not be a death penalty case today. They likewise noted he had no criminal history before Anderson’s shooting and had served his nation in the National Guard for seven years.

Meders invested the afternoon of Oct. 13, 1987, drinking alcohol with 3 men: Randy Harris, Expense Arnold and Greg Creel. After leaving Harris and driving around for hours, Meders, Creel and Arnold wound up at a corner store about 2: 30 a.m. the next early morning.

While they were there, Anderson was fatally shot in the chest and head, and more than $30 was drawn from the sales register, according to authorities.

Meders affirmed at his trial that all three guys went within, and Arnold shot Anderson and informed Meders to grab the money. Arnold and Creel both affirmed that only Creel and Meders got in the store, and Meders shot the clerk and took the money.

Harris, who wasn’t at the shop, testified that Meders confessed to him later that he had “blowed a guy’s head off over $38”

Meders was the only one charged in the robbery and killing.

Meders would be the very first inmate executed in Georgia in2020 The state executed three guys in2019

Georgia’s execution protocol requires a lethal injection of the sedative pentobarbital.

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