Georgia surprise Sweden with a brace in World Cup qualifiers

Tbilisi: Georgia detonated a large-caliber surprise, and complicated the position of its host, Sweden, in qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, in program in Qatar next year, after beating them 2-0 today, Thursday, in the ninth (penultimate) round of the second qualifying round. in lead the group (temporarily) with 15 points, just two points behind their closest rival, Spain, who can now climb the top if they beat Greece later today in the same round. On the other hand, the draw of Georgia, who obtained their second consecutive victory in the group, with 7 points in fourth place. Despite the absolute domination imposed by the Swedish national team over the match, and its players have competed in wasting many dangerous opportunities that presented themselves, especially in the first half, especially by its veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but that the Georgian team has turned things around, getting the three points at the end, to present a precious gift for the Spanish team, which next Sunday will host the Swedish counterpart in the last round of the group. He scored twice for the Georgian team in the 61st and 77th minutes, giving his country a historic victory over his Swedish counterpart. It should be noted that the group leaders will directly qualify for the final phase of the World Cup in Qatar. (DPA)

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