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Georgina’s opinion in Riyadh decides Ronaldo’s transfer to Saudi victory

London – ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’: Press sources reveal the latest developments in the anticipated winter transfer deal, with legend Cristiano Ronaldo moving to the club Saudi Arabian Al-Nasr, on a parameter basis zerofollowing Madeira’s departure from his former club Manchester United following his sharp disagreement with manager Erik Ten Hag and decision makers at Old Trafford, whose contract expired hours before kick-off start of the World Cup. And the historic goalscorer of Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team had denied, in clearly and explicitly, the validity of what was reported on his agreement with the leaders of the Saudi national team, while he was in his country’s field at the World Cup in Qatar. newspapers and websites web they have not stopped and will not stop updating stories and stories about the deal. His move to the capital, Riyadh, the latest of which was the newspaper “AS”, of which his agent, Jorge Mendez, traced the schemes with Saudi Arabian administration, and all that remains is the official announcement of the details of the historic agreement. Even the newspaper “Marca”, close to Ronaldo, has learned from its own sources that the negotiations between the Don and the Saudi officials of Al-Nasr are on track, with hints of a possible extension of the agreement until 2030, including two years and a half as a player, and the rest as ambassador of the Kingdom in the potential folder with Egypt and Greece, to organize the World Cup after the next one, in change of 200 million euros in the two and a half seasons as a player, plus incentives for his promotional work after retiring from the game. In the latest update of this file, the international site “Goal” quoted a reliable person named Rudy Galiti, according to whom the first and last word in the deal of the century in Middle East will be in the hands of the big friend starGeorgina Rodriguez, pointing out in a tweet via his account on the platform “Twitter” to the origins of Argentina, he will make a trip to Riyadh, to evaluate the environment, the atmosphere and the life, before arriving at the stage of putting the pen on the contract and officially announcing the ‘agreement. Unlike Lionel Messi, who lives the best moments of his professional career, after winning the World Cup title with his Argentina national team in the exceptional Qatar World Cup, Cristiano spends the saddest days of his professional career , conditioned by his problems with his former Dutch coach, and his level and goal rate halved. The first of the season, in addition to his improper exit from the “Dream Theater”, terminating his contract with a decision unilateral of club, in response to his vicious attack on the club in his interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, in coincidentally with his disappointing campaign for Portugal at the World Cup, settling for an orphaned goal from the penalty spot, and worst of all was his departure from the starting line – in his last two matches against Switzerland and Morocco in the knockout stages.


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