German official warns gas prices will triple in 2023

The head of Germany’s Federal Grid Agency, Klaus Müller, expected gas prices in Germany to rise by at least 3 times next year, 2023, meaning that the German citizen would be hit hard.

This happened according to the fact that the editorial association Redaktionsnetzwerk quotes a German official Deutschland (RND).

“Gas consumers need to prepare for the fact that from 2023 the cost of gas will increase at least three times,” the official said in an interview with the association.

He added: “Germans should cut their consumption of this type of energy because every kilowatt saved can help delay or even prevent the closure of industrial facilities or slow the growth of household spending.”

Earlier, the Bild newspaper, citing its own sources, reported that the office of the German chancellor would hold an unscheduled meeting today, Thursday, in light of the difficult situation related to natural gas supplies.

The participants of the meeting wish to agree on measures in case of non-return of gas pumping from Russia through the Nord Stream, which was stopped from July 11 for 10 days due to scheduled repair work.

Source: TASS