German police raid Swiss bank offices on suspicion of money laundering

The Financial Times reported that German police raided two branches of the Swiss bank UBS this Tuesday morning amid a money laundering investigation.

Representatives of the prosecutor’s office confirmed that the checks were carried out at the bank’s offices in Frankfurt and Munich.

According to a statement from the Frankfurt office: “An investigation is underway on suspicion of money laundering by a Russian businessman. The investigation is not directed against the bank or its employees.”

The German newspaper Der Spiegel, citing a German representative who wished to remain anonymous, reported that Alisher Usmanov was involved in this investigation.

“We categorically reject all allegations of money laundering or tax evasion against Mr. Alisher Usmanov,” a spokesman for the businessman said.

“These allegations are unfounded, they defame the dignity and reputation of Mr. Usmanov, an honest and law-abiding taxpayer who has paid all the taxes due in Russia,” he added.

For its part, the Swiss bank confirmed that the checks were carried out, and did not comment on this issue.

Source: Interfax